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Watermelon Piñata

Our Watermelon Piñata is perfect for filling with your autistic kiddo's favorite treats and practicing fine motor skills!

Who says you need to wait for a party to play with a Piñata? Our watermelon Piñata is the perfect size to fill with your autistic kiddo's favorite treats and practice fine motor skills! What You'll Need:
- Crepe Paper (Green, Pink & Black)
- Cardboard - Scissors
- Tape
- Glue (Dab & Seal glue works best) - Pencil Instructions:
1. Gather two pieces of cardboard of equal size and draw the shape of a watermelon slice on each. Then cut out the shapes. 2. Cut several 6" wide stripes of cardboard to make the sides of the watermelon slice. fold the cardboard incrementally to allow it to bend along the curved bottom of the slices.
3. Tape the folded strips of cardboard to one of the watermelon slices to start to create the walls. 4. Tape the second watermelon slice to the top of the walls. Make sure to cut a hole in the side for a slot to put candy in. 5. Cut the Crepe paper into 3/4" strips & cut the fridge out of the crepe paper.
6. Glue the fringe to the watermelon slice. Start at the bottom and work upwards. Use: Green for the rind & Pink for the melon.
7. Cut seed shapes from black crepe paper and glue them to the piñata. 8. Fill with treats and enjoy!Download Now!

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