School Consultation

What is School Consultation?

Our goal is to work collaboratively with schools and families to ensure that high-quality, research-based strategies are utilized for student growth and success. We provide support, identify needs, customize solutions, and provide opportunities for training. We individualize all programming to fit the needs of the student, teacher, classroom, school or district.

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School Consultation Services:

How can School Consultation help?

School consultation often teaches educators about students with autism spectrum disorder. It provides both academic and behavioral interventions that are evidence-based and useful/can be implemented by educators (utilized by educators).

When interventions are in place, parents will see an increase in appropriate behaviors including behaviors that typically are not thought about such as requesting and waiting. With school consultations, our training of educators can create a safer learning environment for everyone.

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Where is School Consultation Available?

  • Illinois
  • Texas
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Meet DR. Winnega, BCBA!

Director of School Consultation

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Dr. Winnega, a renowned clinical psychologist and BCBA, specializes in autism spectrum disorder, developmental psychology, and behavior analysis. Dr. Winnega’s rich experience includes her work in the field of autism and school consultation for over 25 years.

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