BPI is proud to provide a variety of services for thelearners in our community.

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ABA Therapy

What is ABA?
ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is based on a science of learning and analysis of behavior-environment interactions. ABA Therapy can assist with increasing communication, reducing challenging behaviors, and improving skills such as social skills, daily life skills, and leisure skills!

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School Consultation

What is School Consultation?
As experts in the field of behavior with vast experience in the classroom, we understand the unique challenges educators face.
We can partner to tackle individual or group behaviors happening in the classroom, provide staff training, and much more!

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ADOS Testing

What is the ADOS?
The ADOS-2 is the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition. It is considered one of the gold standards for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder. It is a standardized, semi-structured assessment instrument designed to assess  individuals who may have autism spectrum disorder.

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Parent Academy

What is Parent Academy?
Developed by a team of autism parents and professionals, Parent Academy is an online support center for parents who have a child on the autism spectrum.

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What is Telehealth?
Telehealth services are a virtual option for receiving services. It is a live, video-based form of therapeutic support that may look different across therapeutic services. At BPI, it will offer the ability for the supervisor on a case to support the family and the Behavioral Technician virtually.

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