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Animal Themed Workouts

Get your kiddo moving with some fun, animal workouts!

Animal Themed Workouts for Kids
Frog Jump: Hop, hop, hop up & down like a frog!
Bear Walks: With your hands & feet on the floor, hips high, walk left & right.
Gorilla Shuffles: In a low sumo squat, use your hands to balance & shuffle around the room.
Starfish Jumps: Jump up & down spreading your arms and legs wide!
Crab Walks: Place your hands on the ground behind you, lift your hips, and crawl on the floor on your hands & feet.
Elephant Stomps: March in place, lifting your knees up high & then stomping them to the ground as hard as you can.
Cheetah Runs: Run in place as fast as you can, just like a cheetah!Download Now!

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