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Birthday Party Silly Blanks

The Happy Apple is heading to a birthday party! Help the Happy Apple build their story with our Birthday Party Silly Blanks

Birthday Party Silly Blanks Yesterday, the (pick a color) Happy Apple went to a birthday party for (name), their (adjective) friend. (Name) turned (number) years old and had a (noun) themed party. There was a (noun) shaped cake, many (adjective) presents, and a (adjective) (noun) at the party. The party also had a super (adjective) (noun) performing their famous act, "(pick a color) (noun) (verb)." Everyone (verb) after the performance. When it was time for presents, the Happy Apple gave (name) the (noun) they bought for their birthday. It has (pick a color) stripes and a (adjective) (noun). (Name) really (adjective) the gift. Then, everyone at the party gathered around the (noun) to sing Happy Birthday. (Name) blew out the (pick a color) candles and cut (number) slices of (flavor) cake for everyone to eat. The Happy Apple had a (adjective) time at (name)'s birthday party!Download Now!

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