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Dos and Don'ts of Internet Safety

This World Safer Internet Day, be sure to read our dos and don'ts of Internet safety.

Dos and don'ts of internet safety Dos:
- Use an avatar & made-up screen name
- Ask your parents about new websites
- Stay on the safe websites
- Be kind when you must engage with others
- Keep online friends online unless you speak with your parents
- Ask a parent before you download an item
- Speak to your parents if you have any concerns Dont's - Don't share your personal information like where you live or real name
- Don't go to websites your parents have not deemed safe
- Don't click on pop-up ads
- Don't write rude comments to strangers
- Don't meet online friends without speaking to your parents
- Don't download items sent to you without talking to your parents
- Don't engage with strange or inappropriate material onlineDownload Now!

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