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Going to School Silly Blanks

The Happy Apple is heading to school! Fill out this Silly Blank to help the Happy Apple on their school day adventure!

It's time for the (pick a color) Happy Apple to go to school! Their school is (pick a color) and has (adjective) walls with (adjective) (pick a color) doors. The Happy Apple loves going to school to see all their (adjective) friends. Everyone has a (adjective) backpack with different colors and (adjective) (noun). The Happy Apple has a (pick a color) backpack with (animal) stickers and a (noun) keychain. When the Happy Apple gets to their classroom, they (verb) say "Hello!" to their (adjective) favorite teacher before sitting down. Their desk is (adjective), with (pick a color) and (pick a color) spots all over. Today in class, they learned about (subject). (Subject) is the Happy Apple's favorite subject in class because it is (adjective). When someone gets an answer right, everyone (verb). When the (adjective) school day ends, the Happy Apple will ride the (pick a color) school bus back home and tell their family about their (adjective) school day!Download Now!

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