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Mental Health is Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

I’m so happy there is a time to spotlight this topic. While other holidays and topics are discussed and celebrated this month, I want to share my thoughts on how important it is to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Let’s be real, everyone needs to check in on their mental health from time to time.

Why would mental health not be equally important to physical health? It is a fact that the two go hand in hand. The internal struggles one experiences are no less of a burden than a broken bone. It takes the correct treatment and time to heal.

I speak from personal experience.

Those who know me have seen the effects of extreme stress and the strain life’s circumstances have had on me lately.

How BPI Has Helped

During my struggles, I have utilized my team, including my manager and amazing HR team, to get the support needed to navigate these stormy waters.

Side note: Did you know BPI has an Employee Assistance Program? It’s an amazing resource for several issues that may arise.

That being said, there are several resources available if and when needed. Through my journey, I have found that my university has a Student Assistance Program, and located a total wellness clinic in my community that addresses physical, mental, and spiritual health needs. I have also utilized the resources from our understanding and compassionate Human Resources Team.

You're Not Alone

I can share the knowledge as well as be transparent about the fact that many who smile, laugh, and work hard have struggles that affect their mental and physical health.

You are not alone in your struggles; we all have daily difficulties to overcome.

As I continue to understand and navigate my stressors, I am proof that it takes a lot of patience, time, and effort to steady the course. It is with a humble heart and without hesitation, I encourage you to speak up, share your story, and ask for help if you need it.


When it gets too hard, focus on what you CAN do. When you feel too much at once … focus on your toes! That’s right, wiggle them around, put them in the soil, or get them wet! (It works)

Take a breath, now another … and one more. Remember, no one can change who or what you are.

Be patient and trust God’s timing. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself that you can be! It’s going to be okay.

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Lindsay Little
Behavioral Technician

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