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What do you see?

What do you see?

When out and about as a parent with an autistic child, I can’t help but notice those who are watching us. As my child explores the world in a way that is authentic to him, I see eyes and judging stares lock onto us. My child and I experience judgment without them knowing the complete picture based on what they see. I am not alone in this.

This is common for all special needs parents.

When they see us, what do they see?

They see you struggling during your child’s meltdown

They see you assisting your child in the bathroom far after other children have potty trained

They see you packing up a bag with safe foods that your child will actually eat

They see you carrying iPads, headphones, and comfort objects that help your child ease into a world not set up for them.

They see you explaining to other children on the playground that your child can’t answer the questions being asked

They see you chasing your child that is frantically running toward their favorite thing

They see your tears

They see you struggle

I see you.......

I see how perfect you are in the love and care you give your child

I see the never-ending patience that you provide during every meltdown

I see you as the strongest protector shielding your child from those that don’t understand

I see you become a masterful decoder of behavior and what that means for your child

I see you become a powerful advocate to meet the needs of your child

When you’re out with your child, just know that there are those of us that see you. We can’t stop how others will view us, but we can take a good look at ourselves. We are amazing. We are everything our children need.

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