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4 Steps For Smoother Doctor Appointments

Check out these 4 steps for smoother doctor appointments with your kiddo.

4 Steps for Smoother Dcotor's Appointments Partner with your BCBA to assess the situation. Ask the following questions:
- What challenging behaviors are occurring?
- Which parts are going smoothly?
- Does your child have all the skills necessary for the visit? Create a plan
For missing skills, your BCBA can create a plan with small goals you can work on in the context of your visit and share with your doctor.
Useful strategies: social stories, reinforcers, activities, Visual schedules Practice With your BCBA's guidance, create a task analysis for the procedure or visit, rehearse it with your child using their preferred reinforcers, and model what they can expect. Generalization Begin practicing in different environments. Making these skills transferable for the day of their visit takes consistency, appropriate breaks and plenty of praise. Location ideas: other rooms, in the clinic, family members house
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