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Going to the Beach Silly Blanks

Tell a tale with this Summer-Themed Happy Apple Silly Blanks Story!

The (pick a color) Happy Apple is heading to the beach to enjoy their (adjective) summer break! They packed a (pick a color) swimsuit with (noun), a (adjective) hat, and (pick a color) sunglasses. The Happy Apple couldn't forget to bring sunscreen or a (adjective) (noun) of toys to play with on the beach. Building (adjective) sand castles and (verb) at the beach is so much fun. After swimming, the Happy Apple dries off with their (pick a color) towel and has a snack. The cooler has all kinds of (adjective) snacks, like (adjective) chips, (adjective) (noun), and (noun) to drink. If it gets hot, they will have some (pick a flavor) ice cream to cool down. Visiting the beach in the summer is so (adjective), and everyone has a (adjective) time!Download Now!

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