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Going to a BBQ Silly Blanks

Tell a tale with this BBQ-Themed Happy Apple Silly Blanks Story!

The summer is the (adjective) time for a (adjective) BBQ! The (pick a color) Happy Apple is getting everything ready to (verb) to their friend's house, the (pick a color) Happy Apple, for the BBQ. They will bring (noun) to snack on, (pick a color) cups, and (pick a number) burger buns. When the Happy Apple arrives, they (verb) everyone at the party with a (noun). There is a (adjective) table full of the items everyone (verb) for the BBQ. There are (adjective) chips, (adjective) (noun), and (adjective) fruit to enjoy while the hot dogs and burgers cook on the grill. Everyone gathers in the backyard to (verb) (noun) and discuss their (adjective) day. When the (adjective) music plays, everyone starts to (verb) while cooling off with (noun) to drink. If we have room for dessert, we might (verb) some (pick a fruit) sundaes with (pick a color) sprinkles and (noun) on top. The (adjective) BBQ is the Happy Apple's (adjective) summertime activity because they (verb) with friends and family.Download Now!

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