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Share this social story with your child to prepare them to head back to school this Fall.

Back to School When the summer break ends, it's time to go back to school!
When school starts, my routine will be different from summertime.
I will go to school Monday through Friday and take breaks on the weekend.
I need to go to bed early the day before school to wake up rested and ready to learn.
When I wake up for the first day of school, I will get dressed and have breakfast.
Before I leave the house, I will make sure I have my:
- Backpack
- Lunch box
- Water bottle
I might ride to school in a car or a school bus.
If I ride the school bus, I will wait with a safe adult on the sidewalk until the bus arrives. The bus will stop and turn on their lights, then a safe adult will tell me to enter.
A new school year might mean a lot of new experiences.
I may have a new:
- School
- Teacher
- Classroom
- Group of classmates
The start of a new school year may seem scary, but meeting new friends and learning new things will be so much fun!Download Now!

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