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Summer Salad Recipe

Your kiddo can practice their fine motor skills as they chop up this fresh summer salad!

Summer Salad Recipe: Here is the perfect side salad for a summer cookout you can make with your kiddo. Cutting fruits and vegetables provides an opportunity for children to practice fine motor skills, plus they get to enjoy the final product too. If you do not have child-safe knives, then assist with cutting ingredients. What you'll need: -Strawberries
-Feta cheese
-Fresh basil
-Olive oil
-Child-safe knives
-Serving bowl Instructions:
1. Assist your kiddo in washing all of the strawberries and the cucumber.
2. Cut the hull off the top of your strawberries. Assist your kiddo in cutting the strawberries into slices and tossing them into your bowl.
3. Assist your kiddo in chopping the cucumber next. You can have them slice the cucumber and then cut each slice into pizza slices or chop them into small cubes. Add your cucumber to the bowl.
4. Work together to peel and separate your orange slices before adding them to your other ingredients. Feel free to cut the orange slices in half for a smaller bite. 5. Lastly, chop the basil into thin strips and add it to the bowl. Have your kiddo give the bowl a good mix. 6. Drizzle 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil over the salad ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste. Then top with as much feta cheese as you like before mixing the salad again. 7. Keep refrigerated until it's time to enjoy!Download Now!

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