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Summer Sock Bugs: Looking to repurpose those lonely, lost socks? Or simply looking for something fun and functional to create with your kiddo? These summer sock bugs are an opportunity to practice fine motor skills and result in a cute sensory toy for your summer travels. Inserts for the bugs are customizable, feel free to pick out items you feel would best stimulate your kiddo! What you'll need:
-Tube socks
-Cotton balls or pillow stuffing
-Marbles or beads (optional)
-Rubber bands
-Pipe cleaners
-Markers or googly eyes
-Additional decorations (optional) Instructions: 1. Section about a handful of cotton balls or stuffing and push it to the end of the tube sock. This will form the head of your bug, so you might want to add a bit more to ensure its head is larger than its body. 2. Add in your sensory inserts like marbles or beads, and give it a little mix. These will provide some texture when your kiddo squeezes their sock bug. 3. Take a rubber band and tie it so it sections off the stuffing from the rest of the tube sock, forming your bug's head. 4. Repeat these steps until your bug has about 4 to 5 sections to its body. The length of your bug may vary depending on the length of your socks. 5. Once you have tied the last section of your bug, it's time to decorate! Grab your pipe cleaners and wrap them around the rubber band that formed your bug's head. Give them a twist to keep them in place and allow your kiddo to decide how its antennae should look. 6. Add any additional decorations to your bugs; such as felt circles, craft pompoms, or faux fur. If using markers, assist your kiddo in drawing their sock bug's eyes towards the seam of the socks to bring their bug to life. 7. If using googly eyes, attach your sock bug's eyes using a hot glue gun and allow the glue to dry before playtime begins. Download Now!

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