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Thanksgiving Turkey Brownies

This sweet recipe will be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner, allowing your kiddo to practice fine motor skills!

Thanksgiving Turkey Brownies: This cute and easy recipe makes the perfect treat for your kiddo to bring to Thanksgiving dinner! As they create their turkeys, they will work on their visual memory and pattern identification. The decoration process also targets their fine motor skills. These skills are crucial for autistic kiddos as they serve as a foundation for achieving more advanced goals. What you'll need:
Brownie bites (Option to bake your brownies and cut into round shapes) Candy eyes Candy corn Chocolate frosting (Option to make your own) Plastic zip bag or piping bag Instructions: 1. Prepare your piping bag by adding a few spoonfuls of chocolate frosting to the bag. If you're using a plastic zip bag, fill the bag and leave space at the top to avoid overflow. Cut a small piece off the tip of the bag for piping.
2. Start with the turkey's eyes. Add a swirl of chocolate frosting to the bottom of your brownie bite. Then, add your eyes toward the top of the chocolate swirl.
3. To form the turkey's beak, add one piece of candy corn to the frosting between your turkey's eyes. 4. To add your feathers, make five lines of frosting from the top of your swirl to the top edge of your brownie. Add a candy corn piece to each line to complete your turkey!Download Now!

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