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Derby Day Game

Enjoy our Derby Day game, an inclusive dice game that allows your autistic kiddo to practice counting, turn-taking, and sharing!

Dice and Derby A Derby Day Game: Gather your horses and dice for an easy and fun game everyone can enjoy! Objective
The goal of this game is simple; get your horse to the finish line in as few dice rolls as possible. This game is an opportunity for autistic children to learn about:
What you'll need
Game board: Print out our board or use a piece of paper with a custom amount of spaces on it to lengthen or shorten the game
Player pieces: Print out our horse player pieces or use existing pieces from your favorite games Dice: One dice is best for our board, but feel free to use two if you make your own board
How to Play
Place all the player pieces at the starting line
The first player should roll the dice and move up the number of spaces the dice lands on
Once their turn concludes, repeat with all other players until someone reaches the finish line
Possible Modifications
Shorten or lengthen the game: create your own custom board on a piece of paper to fit the needs of those playing
Multiple dice: multiple dice allow players to practice simple addition while playing the game
Special dice rules: if playing with multiple dice, practice pairing by allowing double moves up when the dice roll doubles Add laps: adding laps to the game is another way to lengthen it and create a memory game as players need to recall which lap they are on Download Now!

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