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Happy Apple Bingo Game

BINGO! It's time to download our newest game and have some fun learning to match all the happy apples.

Happy Apple Bingo Instructions Step 1: Print off as many Bingo cards as needed and Happy Apple
Game pieces
Step 2: Cut up all the Happy Apple Bingo Cards and place them in a
bowl or hat.
Step 3: Chose who is the caller. They will select the Happy Apple
Cards from the bowl to announce it to the players.
Step 4: When the caller has selected the first Happy Apple Bingo
card they will announce it to the players. You will then need to
check your bingo card to see if you have that Happy Apple. If you
do, you can mark it off on your card.
When playing Happy Apple Bingo there are several ways you can win bingo:
1. Four Corners – Mark off the numbers in all four corners of your bingo card.
2. Line – Mark off a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of five numbers.
3. Two Lines – Mark off two horizontal lines of five numbers.
4. Full House – Mark off all the numbers on the card.
Step 5: Once you have reached one of these outcomes on your
Happy Apple bingo card you can call out “Bingo!”
The caller then checks the player’s board to see whether they do, in
fact, have Happy Apple Bingo. If they do, all players clear their
cards, and a new game begins.Download Now!

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