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Happy Apple Silly Blanks

Tell a Fairy Tale with this Happy Apple Silly Blanks Story!

Fill in the blanks of this Happy Apple Silly Blanks Fairy Tale! Once upon a time, there was a (pick a color) Happy Apple who lived with all his (adjective) friends in the Apple Orchard. One day, the Happy Apple got lost on his way to (pick a place). He did not get scared because he remembered what his (pick a color) Happy Apple mom told him to do if he got lost. The Happy Apple needed to (verb) and find a safe adult to help him return home to the Apple Orchard. The safe adult he found was a (adjective), (pick a color) Happy Apple that lived in (pick a place). She said she would help him get back home with the power of her (noun), which moved at the speed of light. When the Happy Apple made it home, he thanked the safe adult for her help and (verb) when he saw all of his (adjective) friends waiting for him!Download Now!

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