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Bus Safety

Teach your autistic kiddo about bus safety with this back-to-school social story!

Bus Safety:
Sometimes I ride to school in a school bus.
When it's time to go to school, I wait for the bus to pick me up.
I stand on the sidewalk to make sure the bus can safely drive on the street.
When the bus arrives, I wait on the sidewalk until the bus stops.
Once the doors open, I will not run into the bus I will use the handrails to get on the bus so I can keep myself and my friends safe.
Once I find an empty seat, I will sit down and put on my seatbelt.
If I need help, someone will be there to help me.
To be safe on the bus, I need to stay in my seat.
I will also keep my belongings on my seat and my hands to myself.
When the school bus arrives at school, I will wait until the bus driver parks the bus and tells us we can exit.
To exit the bus, I will wait my turn and I will not run on the bus or down the stairs.
When I get off the bus, I will say, "Thank you!" to the bus driver.Download Now!

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