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Feeling New Feelings

Share this social story with your kiddo who may be experiencing new feelings and help them understand how to manage them.

Feeling new feelings Sometimes, I experience new feelings that are different from how I feel every day. Big feelings are like fireworks. They feel like a swell in my body before bursting out of me. They can be hard to control and are a reaction to something that makes me angry at that moment. Heavy feelings are like holding a big rock. They can make my shoulders roll down, and my chest feels tight. They might make me feel like I don't want to play or even make me feel a little sad for no reason. Scary feelings are like being frightened. They can make my heart race really fast, and my breathing might speed up, too. They can happen even when nothing scary is happening, and sometimes, they happen when I think of something that scares me. Experiencing new emotions can be overwhelming, but it's important to remember that everyone has different feelings and emotions. If I am experiencing a new feeling, I can:
- Count from 1 to 10
- Take deep breaths
- Ask for a hug
I should also tell a safe adult when I am having these feelings. They can make me feel better by listening to me and answering questions about my feelings. Talking about my feelings helps me better understand them.Download Now!

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