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Going to the Dentist

Going to the dentist can be tough for some individuals with autism. Share this social story so your child can better understand what to expect when visiting the dentist's office.

Going to the Dentist To keep my teeth healthy, I visit the dentist. We will check in at the front desk when I arrive at the dentist's office. I will sit down and wait until they call my name. When the dental hygienist calls my name, I follow them into the dental room and sit in their special chair. This chair makes noises as it leans forward and far back or moves up and down. The dental hygienist will ask me to open my mouth so they can see my teeth. They might take pictures of my teeth with an x-ray and ask me to stay still while they take the pictures.
They will use different tools to check and clean my teeth like a: - Mirror
- Dental probe
- Polishing brush
These tools might make loud noises and feel weird when they touch my teeth. I will try my best to keep my mouth open as they check and clean my teeth. When the dental hygienist finishes cleaning my teeth, the dentist will come into the room next to look at my teeth. The dentist will talk to my parents about my teeth and remind me that it is important to keep brushing every day. When I am all done, I can thank the staff for helping keep my teeth healthy.Download Now!

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