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Going to the Grocery Store

Teach your autistic kiddo about going to the grocery store in this social story that covers the shopping experience from start to finish!

Going to the Grocery Store: When we need food or items for our house, we go to the grocery store.
I will either sit in the cart or hold onto the cart.
Staying with the cart and a safe adult keeps me safe.
When we walk into the store, we now have to use our inside voices.
We use our inside voices so we do not distract others from shopping.
As we collect items to buy, we put them in the cart.
Keeping the items in the cart makes sure we do not forget anything.
We cannot open items in the store because we have not paid for them yet.
When it is time to buy our items, we will get in line at the checkout lane.
I can help place the items onto the checkout belt if my parent asks for help.
Once it is our turn to pay, I can either give the money to the cashier or wait for my parent to pay.
When we leave the store, we will walk back to our car.
I might help put the groceries in the trunk or wait until my parent finishes putting the groceries away.Download Now!

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