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Internet Safety

Stay safe while surfing online with our internet safety social story!

Internet Safety The internet is a tool I can use for learning, entertainment, and connecting with others. While using the internet, I need to remember to be safe. I will only visit websites my teachers, parents, or guardians have approved of. I also will not click links on websites or emails sent to me without first asking an adult. When I make online friends, they should stay online. I will not share my personal information, like my name, address, or phone number, with my online friends. I will use an avatar and a username instead of my real name or picture. If someone asks for my personal information, I will tell an adult. When I connect with friends online, I will remember to be nice when talking to them. If someone online is mean to me, I can ask an adult for help. Online interactions should be polite and kind. When I have questions about the internet, I can always ask an adult for help. The internet is so much fun when I use it safely!Download Now!

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