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Losing a Tooth

Losing a tooth can be scary, especially for an autistic child. Teach them there's nothing to fear when losing a tooth with this social story!

Losing a Tooth: As I grow, I will start to lose my baby teeth. Losing my baby teeth is a good thing.
It means my new, strong teeth will be growing soon.
When I lose a baby tooth, it will first become loose.
This might feel weird because my other teeth won't be loose.
I won't touch or pull on my loose tooth. And make sure I wash my hands if I need to touch it.
I can also ask a safe adult for help if my tooth is uncomfortable. When my tooth falls out, I will take it out of my mouth.
I will make sure I don't swallow my tooth.
Then I will ask a safe adult, like my mom or my dad, what to do with my tooth.
Each of my baby teeth will soon be replaced with new teeth to help me enjoy my favorite foods!Download Now!

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