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My Sibling Has Autism

Share this social story with your kiddo who may be learning that their sibling has autism.

My sibling has autism. Austim means they might do things a little bit differently than other people. They might: - Respond differently
- Play differently
- Communicate differently
Even though they may do some things differently, they do many things the same as others.
Just like me, they will:
- Eat
- Sleep
- Have fun
My sibling is still able to love me, and I love them.
At times, they may express their love and other emotions differently. They might also need help to share what they are feeling.
Some people may not understand my sibling. Not everyone knows what autism is, and they might be mean.
I will always be kind to my sibling and ask others to treat them with kindness, too.
Autism is only one part of what makes my sibling who they are. There are so many things that make them unique and wonderful!Download Now!

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