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My Summer Routine

Share this social story with your child to prepare them for a change in their daily routine.

My Summer Routine When the school year ends, the summer begins! During the summer, I don't go to school every day or see my teachers until school starts again in August.
Time off from school means my daily routine will change.
While change might seem scary, there are many fun things we get to do in the summer. During the summer, I spend more time at home.
Since I don't go to school, I do a lot of fun activities at home instead, like:
Arts and crafts
Watch movies
Play with toys
We can also plan activities to do outside, like:
Play at the park
Ride bikes
Swim in the pool During the summer, I might also go on vacation.
I may travel with my family by:
We might go to:
The beach
Visit family
A theme park My summer routine is different than my school routine.
I will go to new places and spend time with different people than I do at school. I can help plan my summer by telling my parents the activities I want to do during the break.
Then I can ask them to write down my new summer routine, so I know all the fun things we have planned!Download Now!

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