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Safe Adults to Talk to About My Feelings

Teach your autistic kiddo about "safe adults" and the right time to talk to them about their needs with our social story.

Safe Adults to Talk to About My Feelings: Sometimes I might have questions about myself or others.
I might be confused or unsure about something and would like an answer.
I can talk to someone I trust, like a safe adult.
Safe adults care about me and want to keep me safe.
When I have questions about myself or my body, I can talk to: My parents, teachers, school social workers, and doctors.
These safe adults will listen to my questions and provide me with help.
If I need to ask them a question about myself or others, I should tell the safe adult, "I have a private question."
They will understand that this question should not be: In front of the class or people who are not safe adults.
It is important to talk about the questions or feelings I have.
When I share these questions or feelings with a safe adult, I feel better.Download Now!

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