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Seat Belt Safety

Teaching your autistic kiddo about seat belt safety just got easier with this social story!

Seat Belt Safety: When it's time to travel in the car, I will be a safe passenger.
I will put my seat belt on when I sit in my seat.
I will make sure one strap goes across my chest and the other across my lap.
Keeping my seat belt on until we reach our destination is important.
My seat belt keeps me safe if we are in an accident.
It also keeps me in my seat whenever the car makes a turn.
Staying in my seat is important too.
To stay in my seat I:
-Use my seat belt.
-Don't try to stand up or switch seats.
-Keep my hands to myself.
When we get to our destination, the driver will tell me I can take off my seat belt once the car is parked.Download Now!

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