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Sharing Toys Social Story

Sharing toys with friends can be fun, but may be difficult to learn at first! Learn how to share toys while playing with friends or siblings with our sharing toys social story!

Sharing Toys When I play with my friends, we might share each other's toys.
Sharing toys means we each take turns with the toy when we play.
Sharing is fun because it shows my friends that I want them to enjoy themselves when we play together.
If we both want to play with the same toy, we can play with it together, or I can give them a turn with the toy first.
I can share my toys with friends at:
- Home
- My friend's home
- School - Clinic
When we finish playing, my toys come home with me, and their toys go home with them.
If I like a toy that my friend shared with me, I can ask for that toy next time I get a new one. Everyone is happy when we can play and share toys with each other!Download Now!

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