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Super Bowl Social Story

Get ready for the Super Bowl with this Super Bowl Party social story!

Super Bowl Party Social Story I am going to a Super Bowl party!
At the Super Bowl party, we will watch the biggest football game of the year.
The game can last about 4 hours, and there's a special musical performance called the Halftime Show.
The Super Bowl party may have: Many people in Super Bowl gear
Decorations in the colors of the teams playing the game
A lot of different snacks to eat
During the game, there may be moments when people cheer for the team.
I can join everyone in cheering for the team by:
Clapping my hands
Saying, "Yay!"
Putting my hands in the air
If the party is too loud, I can ask to wear my headphones or take a break in another room.
Whether our team wins or loses, watching the Super Bowl game with friends and family is so much fun!Download Now!

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