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Thanksgiving Day

Walk your autistic kiddo through what they can expect on Thanksgiving Day with our social story!

Thanksgiving Day: In November, people in the United States may celebrate Thanksgiving.
During this holiday, I can think about the things I am grateful for, like my friends and family.
On Thanksgiving Day, I might eat a special lunch or dinner.
To prepare for our Thanksgiving meal, we might cook a yummy dish to share with everyone.
We will also dress in fancy clothes for our meal.
Sometimes we travel to our family's house, and sometimes they travel to our house.
When my friends or family arrive, I can say, "Hello," or "Happy Thanksgiving!"
I can also give a high five or fist bump instead.
When it's time to sit for our meal, I will wait until my family says it's time to eat.
There are a lot of different tasty foods during a Thanksgiving meal.
I might even try something new.
If I finish eating, I can say, "I'm all done."
Then, I will wait for my parents to tell me I can leave the table.Download Now!

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