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Wearing Sunscreen

Our social story on sunscreen covers the importance of protecting oneself from the sun for autistic kiddos who might find it overstimulating.

Wearing Sunscreen: During the summer we spend a lot of time outside enjoying the sun!
Before heading outside, it is important I first put on my sunscreen.
Whether we are riding bikes, swimming, or playing in the park,
sunscreen will protect my skin so I can play all day long.
Without sunscreen, the sun can burn my skin.
Sunburns can turn my skin red and be very itchy.
To apply sunscreen, I have to rub it on my skin.
This layer of sunscreen will keep me safe from the bright sun.
I need to add a layer on every part of my body that the sun touches to avoid a sunburn.
This includes my face, arms, and legs.
I am also careful to avoid my eyes.
If I need help putting on sunscreen, I can always ask an adult.Download Now!

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