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Wearing a Halloween Costume

Our social story walks autistic kiddos through wearing Halloween costumes and what to do if they are overstimulated to ensure they enjoy themselves.

Wearing a Halloween Costume: On Halloween, I can pick a costume to wear.
Wearing costumes is fun because I can play pretend.
My costume might have: Gloves, Mask, Cape. A costume is different from my clothes and might feel different on my skin.
If I don't like how something from my costume feels, I can ask not to wear it.
I can also ask to wear my clothes under my costume if that's more comfortable.
When I have my costume on, I can wear it to: Halloween parties, Trick-or-treating, and Parades.
Once Halloween is over, I will take my costume off.
If I want to wear my costume again after Halloween, I can ask to wear it during playtime.Download Now!

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